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Xcelance Web Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Expert in PHP, Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, SEO,SEM
  |   Mohali, Punjab

About the Company

Xcelance is a leading Web Development and Web Designing Multimedia company that uses next-generation Technology and has strong interests in SEO, Web Development, Web Design and other high quality technology services. The large range of services that we offer include high end website development solutions, Internet Marketing and Web Design. Not only do we develop and design websites but we also convert them into a powerful channel of business. Designing a website involves the skillful presentation of content, so that not only will the viewer feel invited to the website but the content will also sound relevant and appropriate as per search engine guidelines.
Service Description
All the services and solutions offered by Xcelance are based on innovative ideas. The wide variety of services that we provide is proof of the wide range skills that we have. The consultants at Xcelance are current with the industry trends and web development expertise. Our skills or services include:

PHP,Joomla,Wordpress, MVC, Codeigniter, Kohana, MySQL, Web 2.0,HTML5,Design,Development,E-Commerce, Mobile Applications, Mobile Apps SEO, SERM, SMO, SEM, SMM, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Reputation Management, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Link Building, Social Media Marketing.
2009 - 2011
Year Founded
Number of Employees
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Tomas P
Tomas, Replicate Website
please replicate the cassa.co website with editable pictures or something with a similar layout. Website has to have the same subpages, and professional feel. Domain will be provided so website can be uploaded upon completion. The same template will be used for another site with another logo and different domain.
Brian Harlow
Brian , Website design, develop, and maintenance.
Help us raise our GTmetrix "F" rating to "B" in regards to our site's server scaled images. 1) Generate new images specific to the size of slider and some other place size (e.g right sidebar, middle content Images). 2) Use these images in Home page slider, middle content, right sidebar. 3) Add height and width attribute to these new resized images.
Brian Harlow
Brian H, Web Design and Development
Website creator / web admin / VA for start-up news website: 1. Create (WordPress) and maintain website. 2. Make updates 3 - 4Xs daily without fail. I'm guessing news aggregate stores would have to be delivered and then posted at around 8:00AM, 12:00PM, 5:00PM Asia with possible night updates if the news day is rare and unprecedented. We're trying to cater to both Asians and Westerners. All the content, headlines, summaries, etc. will be created by internal staff, so NO WRITING is involved. 3. Each new page needs to be indexed and 'optimized' properly for best possible search results (SEO). 4. Social media (SMO)--drive traffic! Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Youtube, etc. We need someone who can handle this for us via Hootsuite or by other means we don't know about. 5. Slow news days, or weekends, means rearranging stories, etc. to make it seem site is consistently being maintained and updated. This is important because we always want front page to look fresh and not stagnate. 6. Monitor comment sections. 7. It would be helpful, but not required, if person can video edit. The 'news team' will need to focus on making the video content, but we need someone to help with editing. If they can't, it's NOT a problem, we can find someone else to video edit. Let me know if you can help us.... Thanks!
Tiffany Coorken
Tiffany, SEO and Wordpress
This job is for Nisha. Job Description: This is for two sites Support personnel that are capable of dealing with everything from WordPress installs, to design to link building and social media. 1. Capable of building 3 to 6 tier 1 lnks a day as per our requirements. This is per site. So it would actually be 6 to 12 links per day plus 2 to 5 comments to each tier 1 links. Links will be built from Article Directories, Web 2.0 blogs and social bookmarking and other social related curation and content building locations across the web. Place 2 to 5 comment links using a name as the anchor text pointing to each of the first tier links. When you build a link, do 2 to 5 high pr comments, this means no pages less than a PR1 for the comments as outlined in the PNG file associated with this posting. 2. Deal with design issues to make the WP sites (Money Site) look appealing and unique from others in the market. 3. Design banners and graphics for promotions and post or pages, like comparison charts or infographics as the sites writer request them. This would last from one month to the next.
Tiffany Coorken
Tiffany, Need virtual assistant
We are an SEO and internet marketing company looking for a virtual assistant that can help us with day to day tasks. These tasks include creating and managing Wordpress installations, link building, creating e-mail addresses through cPanel, and other related tasks. We are looking for someone who can start for $5/hr or less and who is looking for a long term relationship with potential pay increases. If possible, someone who can be available during US daytime hours is preferable; this is not a requirement, however. Skills: data entry, ftp, link building, wordpress, cpanel
Mrsoldout com
Mrsoldout, Search Engine Optimization/Online Marketing Positi
Looking for someone interested in working with a new blog. Which focus on music, fashion, videos and showcase new talent(artist, models and business professionals). Are you familiar with the music industry? Job Description: We're looking for a Social Media Marketer to help increase brand awareness and customer loyalty for our business. Your responsibilities: - Develop, recommend and implement social media strategies for all relevant social networking sites - Collaborate with team members and others to coordinate social media content and initiatives - Analyze impact and provide reporting for social media programs and campaigns - Optimize landing pages and user experience on relevant social media channels - Perform competitive site analysis to identify missed opportunities - Encourage adoption of relevant social media techniques into the corporate culture and into all of the company's products and services - Manage presence in social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and other similar community sites or blogs - Monitor trends in social media, tools and applications Your qualifications: - Excellent analytical and organizational skills - Strong verbal and written communication skills - A complete Elance profile showcasing original advertising content - References or an established reputation on Elance preferred
Mark Thimmig
Setup of Facebook Business Page, Twitter, Google+ You Tube and Linkedin along with daily dedication to add content that engages readers to ultimately gain more 'LIKES' or followers. Mention Language Audiobooks as the leader in audio language instruction along with the program names and that they are available on Audible.com and Amazon.com Power Spanish Accelerated Power French Accelerated Power Italian Accelerated Mexican Spanish Accelerated Conversational Latin American Spanish Bite-Sized Russian BiteSized German BiteSized Spanish Spanish for Travel and Eating Out Agrees to get the word out that these great programs are available at Audible.com and Amazon.com now for instant download. Mention audio samples are immediately available as well. Please provide links in your social media to Audible and Amazon. Skills: blogging, social media marketing
Xcelance Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. | Elance

Xcelance Web Solutions Pvt Ltd.