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About the Company

I'm an experienced Excel VBA developer as well as a business consultant. I create advanced Excel based tools for SMEs and large corporations.

I also work with Access, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio.

VBA is my "native language".

I have Master's degree in project management and Bachelor's degree in finance. Worked as IT project manager and CIO in manufacturing, retail, real estate development and marketing companies with from 15 to 20000 employees before started my own business.

I work on Elance since October 2011. Have happy clients from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Australia, South Korea, Singapore etc. One of my clients with long ongoing relationships is Royal Dutch Shell - the Global Fortune Top 1 company.

You can find my profile on the top of 300,000+ Excel VBA professionals list on Elance. My main advantage is that I don't just write VBA code, but I help you to improve your business.

Be Excellent with XLBIN!
Service Description
First of all I can answer any your question which sounds like "How I can use Excel VBA to improve my business?". I understand what businesses need, doesn't matter it's a small private business or a large corporation. My list of happy clients include small stores and large retailers, local manufacturers and global manufacturing corporations, airlines with 2 and with 100 aircrafts, insurance companies, marketing and financial reporting companies etc. etc.

To improve your business I create complex Excel based applications with advanced formulas, named tables, pivot tables, charts, dashboards, customized ribbons, user forms etc.

In my VBA code I do not use any unnecessary and slow operations (usually created by Excel Macro Recorder). I do not use For...Next and other loops where it's possible to use just one operation i.e. just one SQL query. I use SQL queries to work with Excel data as well as to work with Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Access databases, CSV, text files etc.

That is how my applications can work fast even with large amounts of data.

I work with web services (REST, XML-RPC etc.). I can get any data from web into Excel, send any data from Excel to web, manage Internet Explorer from Excel (DOM), send SMSs and faxes from Excel based application etc.

I can use VB.NET. I use Office 2013 64 bit on Windows 7 64 bit to develop but i still have Office 2010 64 bit and Office 2007 32 bit (on Windows XP) to test my code. I work with Excel since Excel 97 but I do not support Office 2003 anymore (except migration from 2003 to newest versions).

I know PHP and JavaScript good enough to integrate my Excel based tools with web servers. I.e. I can use use MySQL as centralized data storage for Excel file with multiple users (XML used for data transfer). I have my own LAMP servers in Amazon Cloud and can provide you complete solution which include Excel based tool and PHP scripts already installed on my web server.

My team of highly educated data management professionals (almost everybody has master's degree in mathematics etc.) with my management and VBA skills can provide fast delivery and 100% accuracy in either automated and manual PDF to Excel or CSV conversion jobs. We use advanced mathematical algorithms in VBA procedures and in custom Excel formulas to provide fuzzy data processing: data matching, data cleaning, duplicate removing etc.
Kyiv National University of Construction
Master of Project and Program Management
Kyiv National Economic University
Bachelor of Finance and Credit
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Payment Terms
For fixed price jobs we use Elance Escrow to protect your money. You will pay per completed milestone. For hourly rated jobs we can use Elance Time Tracker and you will pay weekly (bill will be send each Monday).

I can accept fixed price if job is simple (days of work, not weeks or months) and with detailed and clear description. In other cases (include updating VBA code created by other developers) I would prefer hourly rated job.

If fixed price work complete (due to your original requirements) but you want to change something that wasn't described in the original requirements (e.g. reformat sheets, add new functionality etc.) I will create another Elance work with my hourly rate for these extra tasks.

I work with Excel VBA within about 15 years, last 3 years almost full-time so I know much about Excel VBA, I have a large VBA code library so I can work really fast. That is how with my hourly rate you will pay less compare to other developers with lower hourly rate but you will get the best solution for your business.
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