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Christophoros Christofi
  |   Nicosia, Nicosia


Christoforos Christofi was born in Nicosia. He begin studing music in Cyprus. He studied classical music, clarinet and folk music. He continued his studies at Ionian University where he followed Composition studies and Performance arts as majors with proffessors Joseph Papadatos and Dimitris Maragopoulos. His performance arts play was performed by The Ionian Contemporary Ensemble in 2011.

He worked with directors Miltos Logiadis and Stathis Soulis. He works as a freelance composer and sound designer.

He has experience in different music styles and a very versatile personal style. He has efficient skills in transcription and orchestration also. He has extencive knowledge of music technology and audio mastering, possessing proffessional equipment including symphonic libraries, samplers and synths.
Service Description
I can compose original music in contemporary styles, classical and electronic / electroacoustic, arrange, transcript and orchestrate music. I can record and mix / master music with proffessional equipment having experience of 4 years on sound engineering.
Payment Terms
None specified
Christophoros Christofi | Elance

Christophoros Christofi