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About the Company

Founded in 2008, Xtreem Solution is an integrated Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Design and Development and an SEO company. With ideas fueled by creativity and proven by technology, we form the bridge between your ideas and your business's success. While based in India, we at Xtreem Solution, consider the world to be our home as our clients belong to all segments of the industry. Coming in all shapes, sizes and forms, our clients reach out to a global clientele with our upbeat services.

Why choose Xtreem Solution, you ask? Here’s why –
Cordial Client Relations | Simplified Code with Amazing Graphics | 6+ years of experience | At Par Services |On-time Deliverance| Versatility with advanced technology | Economical & Value for Money

With our upbeat services and understanding, we believe in ‘Designing a new era of development for businesses around the world!’ For more details, visit us on www.xtreemsolution.com.
Service Description
Xtreem Solution offers a dynamic range of Software, Mobile App development, web design and development with advanced SEO services amongst various segments of industry like -

• Server/desktop/Network technical support
• Windows server 2003/2008
• Server monitoring
• Manage workgroup and domain network
• Manage 24X7 DNS/Exchange/DHCP/web/Active directory etc.
• Manage domain users and their data.
• Apply Group policy/server firewall.
• Ecommerce
• Finance
• Reputation Management
• Hospitality Management
• Traveling Industry
• Event Management
• Education
• Recipe Management
• Medical
• Real Estate
• Social Networking
• Dating

Our range of services varies and aligns according to a client’s specific requirements. However, they can be largely specified as -

• Server management & maintenance
• Network administration
• Web Designing
• Graphic Designing
• Software Development
• Web Development
• Mobile Application Development
• CMS Development
• E-commerce Development
• Quality assurance and testing
• Branding
• Social Media Marketing

We provide ongoing technical support and high-level data security to our offshore small and mid-level enterprises at competitive costs. Sometimes, on client request, we also provide them virtual employ to develop their domain based system. We help our clients to install,configure,manage and maintain software and applications for windows based server.

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Web designing
‘Blending art and technology in the digital world yields the most meaningful interactive experiences.’

Thriving on innovation and collaboration, Xtreem Solution merges a strategic and thoughtful approach to digital presentation of images, graphics and content to provide a robust online identity for your business. With a right mix of intuition, innovation, creativity, sensibility, ease and intellectual control, our fresh web designs keep the clients hooked to your digital space a.k.a website.

Our approach towards your requirement and innate understanding of design translation provides prolific designs for easy and interesting user experience. Our skilled and proficient team of designers loves to play with colors, graphics and responsive designs to create a sense of amazement for your business.

We are very proficient in technologies like –
• CSS3
• jQuery
• Bootstrap
• Photoshop

Our designing services include –
• Designing Tools
• Web Designing
• Brand
• Logo
• E-Cards
• Template
• Flash

We make proficient use of following tools to deliver creative, functional and timely designs -
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Dreamweaver

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Web Development
‘A design is not judged by the way it looks, but by the way it functions.’

To get your web designs judged high amongst ranks, our web developers work round the clock to create clean, functional and user-friendly websites. Using competent web development tools and trends on many domains, our team has worked on many complex projects from various industries like E-commerce, Hospitality, Education, Medical, Research, IT, Reputation and review management portals, etc. Our clients in diversified industry sectors testify their level of satisfaction towards our expertise and work ethics.

Our main areas of expertise are PHP, Wordpress, HTML, Magento, CSS, MySQL, etc. with a constant lookout towards emerging tools and technologies. We also have immense experience in CakePHP, Zend framework, CodeIgnitor and Yii. We have developed numerous websites using these tools and CMS. We develop optimal solution for your business and make you reach new heights in internet world.
Development Tools -
• ASP.Net
• Adobe Air
• Mac App
• Smarty
• Java
• Ruby on Rails
• Perl
• Python - Django
• Open Source – Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magneto

We are also experts in using the following PHP frameworks
• CakePHP
• Zend
• Yii
• CodeIgniter

CakePHP is our prime forte as we have developed ample of critical and complex web applications in CakePHP. We are also very thorough with the use of tools like AJAX.

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Mobile App Development
‘The value of your brand equals the amount of interaction it has with its clients.’

Finding new ways to make your brand interact with its clients becomes pretty simple with relevant mobile applications. Made for ‘on-the-go’ clients, they create a platform for your ‘on-the-go’ business. They engage, they educate and they keep the momentum going by creating more visibility and easy access services. We plan, design and develop mobile applications primarily for the following platforms –
• Android
• iOS
• Blackberry
• Windows

We provide end-to-end services on mobile app development to create a deeply integrated business system. With our main emphasis of Android, iOS, Blackberry ands Windows apps, we provide a complete spectrum of mobile application development, designing and testing. Providing easy-to-use, no fuss, simple, accurate, fast and relevant mobile apps, we offer complete support and maintenance towards mobile web applications, app security, cross-platform apps and native mobile apps.

We take pride in using the best and latest of technology for mobile app development. For Android App Development, we employ Android SDK and PhoneGap Framework and Java programming. iOS apps are built by using XCode and Cocoa framework with Objective-C as the base language. XCode interface seamlessly integrates code editing, UI design with Interface Builder, testing, and debugging, all within a single window, whereas Cocoa framework consist of libraries, APIs, and runtimes that form the development layer for all of OS X.

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Content Management System
‘Words sell, words compel and words create a magical world of their own.’

Content Management System is a system which helps non-technical users to manage their websites on their own, without any knowledge of coding or any web platform, facilitating processing and management for clients. We use two of the most prominent CMS for our clients –
• Joomla
• WordPress

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Quality Assurance and Testing
‘All that glitters is not gold.’

We provide both manual and automated testing. Testing is an important step of the SDLC as it helps us provide an error and bug free solution to our clients, resulting in high performance. We use the following tools for testing –
• Loadrunner
• PHPunit

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Believing a company’s website to be its biggest asset; our web design team work closely with our internet marketing and SEO specialists to create websites, which are both attractive and user-friendly while being designed specifically to make your business more interactive.

Our team of strategists, design artists, illustrators, developers and writers work side by side to deliver one-of-a-kind products, customized to specific needs. Through proprietary client intake, workflow and project management processes, Xtreem Solution consistently yields top quality results, client satisfaction and long-term business relationships.
International School of Informatics and Managment
MCA- Master of Computer Application
2008 - 2011
Mardy Sitzer
Project Manager
2013 - Present
This client has been like a blessing for us. The work provided by the client has further sharpened our skills and enhanced our experience. Requisites provided by her were as clear as a crystal. She has excellent communication skills and her support for us was awesome, she was always there for our support. Quick response and query solving ability is her best part. Her working style made our working comfortable and we were able to give our best. Always feel excited to work with her. Big thanks to her for choosing us.
Project Manager
2013 - Present
We are working with this client on a consistent basis. He is an excellent client a company can have. His cooperative nature helped us greatly in providing him the best solutions. His working methodologies gave our work a new definition and we achieved great heights in the field of web development because of his provided work. Glad and blessed to have such an elegant and esteemed person as our client .
John Deggendorf
Project Manager
2013 - Present
No words to describe this client, he is like a precious and valuable gem for us. His faith and trust in us has enhanced our dedication more towards our work. We have learned a lot while doing the unique kind of work provided by him. The assignments provided by him have sharpened our skills more and we have gained priceless experience. His quick way of response and point to point explanation has made it very easy for us to implement his ideas. We are more than happy to have such an esteemed and professional person as our client. Working with him is like a joyful journey which we never wanted to get over. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts.
Mohammad Khan
Project Manager
2013 - 2013
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We are extremely versatile in our payment terms. Though we always try to align with the payment procedure desired by client, here are the general payment terms that we follow -

A. For projects below $500
- 50% upfront.
- Rest 50% on project completion.

B. For projects above $500 and below $1000
- 30% upfront
- 25% on design approval
- 25% on backend completion
- 20% on project delivery

C. For projects above $1000
- 30% upfront
- 20% on design approval
- 20% on completion of backend
- 20% on frontend completion
- 10% on delivery
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