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Yalantis - Mobile apps - iPhone iOS & Android

Mobile & web apps crafters. iOS, Android, Web.
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About the Company

Yalantis is app development company driven by tech-geeks and pixel-perfectionists.

Established in 2008 we earned trust of serial entrepreneurs from USA, Canada, Western Europe and Australia providing full-cycle mobile & web apps' development service. Including iOS programming for iPhone & iPad and Android programming.

Unlike most outsourcing companies, e.q. bodyshops, our communication level gives clients ability to shift focus on marketing instead of process control. There is nothing corporate about our culture what made us able to be organic part of zero-to-millions growing projects.
Service Description
Key service:
Full cycle mobile & web Apps development

iOS iPhone, iPad, Android and Web

Lean Development, Code review, Unit testing, Daily commits

Company advantages:
A+ players, Transparency

Main focus:
Pixel-perfect design and robustness

Awards from clients for:
Collaboration, Robust code, Efficient communications

Code Revision Tool:
Git, SVN

Development approach:
Discovery, Design, Programming, Testing, Launch, Support

Communication approach:
Collaboration in the pipeline, Weekly demos

Customer care team:
Account Manager, Tech Lead, QA Lead, Project Manager.

Additional services:
Back-end programming, Promo website development
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We offer the following types of cooperation with us: consulting, hourly projects, out-staffing, team extension, creating a dedicated team for your project.
Dean Huff
Dean Huff, dean@deanhuff.com
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Yalantis - Mobile apps - iPhone iOS & Android | Elance

Yalantis - Mobile apps - iPhone iOS & Android