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ShengYan Zhang

Javascript Expert | Node.js | AngularJS
  |   SuZhou, JiangSu
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I relocated to upwork & resumed my work there since 2015/Dec/20, though this account is still on elance.

I am presently engaging in a project of my client on a full-time basis, so I am not able to respond to any invitations until this statement is deleted.

Any caused inconvenience is regretted.
Service Description
I am a Javascript-aholic and indeed I am good at (but not limited to) below techs & skills:

# AngularJS
# GruntJS
# Coffeescript
# NodeJS
# RequireJS
# jQuery
# Socket.IO
# NodeJS-based Restful API & Web Page Crawling

Basically, I am happy to do any job which I think is profitable, I mean, as long as I think the pay is fair to my effort. Having said that, I do have my criteria to refuse a few sorts of jobs. To name a few:

# I may not attend any meetings during my wee hours (my timezone is UTC +08:00), I tried doing so in 2013 winter for one U.S. client, but it ended up my body weakened devastatingly. As a result, I don't like to see my health wrecked because of this.

# I don't work any jobs containing adult/pornography contents. The reason is, some kids in my neighborhood often come over my home. Letting them see any inappropriate web pages would definitely be a sin for me (I am a Buddhist).
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Awarded: 2005
Nanjing University (Adult Education)
Bachelor of Science
2001 - 2005
Lombard Risk International
Senior Software Developer (Front-end)
2011 - 2012
I was hired to this company as a senior front-end developer to migrate an obsolete web-based collateral management system to web 2.0 style. Due to my family reason, I had to leave Shanghai and this company and relocated to my wife's home city, Suzhou. Because of this ,my plan of being a freelancer has gotten started.
Software Engineer (Front-End)
2007 - 2011
My contract was initially signed with HP Shanghai, As a matter of fact, I worked in 3 sites of HP over 3 cities respectively, there are, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. It was in this company, I converted to be a front-end developer, and meanwhile, I found lot of fun when i am writing javascript and fixing front-end related issues.
Junior Software Developer
2005 - 2007
Despite at the moment I was working in it, this company was simply an outsourcing software company , which can be found numerous similar counterparts in China or India. I'd give my appreciation for not only I practically learned to write code in a cosy (if grace is a stronger word) style. Also, I met a number of colleagues from North America, who effectively inspired me to speak English quite fluently and with fewer mistakes. More importantly, I was taught to behave as a welcoming guy, for example, "it's never too much to say thank you " and "you should always say sorry if you are sneezing or coughing near others" When someone asks me how I learn English, I always tell stories of this period of time.
Payment Terms
Paying me by fixed price or by hourly rate are all welcomed.
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ShengYan Zhang