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Oleg Y.

Full-Stack Web Developer
  |   Kharkov, Kharkov
  |  10:43 am Local Time


Full-stack web developer with 10 years of experience. End-to-end engineering - collect requirements, design, code, integrate, ship. Worked with single-page web applications, databases, desktop&mobile apps.

Worked with very large JS projects, performance optimization, cross-browser support, pixel-perfect design, advanced animations, mobile and responsive web apps.

Currently focused on web development, mostly on single-page web apps built with JS/CSS/HTML, and Node.js/MongoDB.

Worked with clients all over the world: from California to Australia, including onsite consulting.

Have experience with:
* HTML5 and CSS3, including offline apps, drag&drop, geolocation, etc.
* Desktop and mobile web apps
* JS libraries: EmberJS, Backbone, Marionette, ExtJS, Sencha Mobile, jQuery, jQuery UI, lodash, etc.
* Web frameworks: Bootstrap, LESS, Foundation, Handlebars, SASS, Grunt, Bower, etc
* REST API, Socket.io
* Unit&Functional testing
* Databases
* Performance optimization
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Oleg Y. | Elance

Oleg Y.