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Yawar Amin

Data analysis / data management / reporting
  |   Mississauga, ON
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Your data is the vital core of your business. Understanding it, managing its flow, and extracting value from it is key to your success. I specialise in doing all of the above.

My skillset is analysis, modelling and reporting using a wide variety of tools like Microsoft Excel, Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Talend Open Studio, MySQL, R, Python, VBA/VBScript, C# etc. But I also bring more the table. For example, I use a multi-disciplinary approach to analyse your problems and suggest the simplest, most maintainable solutions possible. I create solutions which build on theories from computer science, accounting, and graphical design.

From the overall architecture (is it modular?) to the smallest detail (are these lines too wide to read comfortably?), I put thought into every aspect of the job. My focus is to build a solution that will keep paying for itself. So let me know what your business needs are and we'll put your data to work for you.

Note: not interested in web scraping.
Service Description
Database management; creation of ad-hoc queries for custom reporting needs; data migration between different formats. Technical support for database development; helping users optimize their tech use; programming resources; recommendations of best practices, etc.

Reproducibility. I take great care to ensure that my work product is as transparent as possible and can be reproduced by someone on the client side. For example, if I'm designing a database for you, instead of using the point-and-click tools to define all the tables, queries, etc. I will create a SQL script that can be read by Access to define all the relevant objects. Of course this doesn't apply to forms and reports; but with the data you'll get full transparency.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Certificate of Professional Development
2010 - 2011
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Yawar Amin | Elance

Yawar Amin