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About the Company

Outsourcing - Technical Competence in Economy with timely deliveries and after sale support while maintaining a responsive and articulate communication throughout the project lifecycle.

@ Yellow Objects, we simplify everything for our clients in every step of life cycle with added support to identify potential bottlenecks and threats before they become really expensive mistakes for the project.

With an ever expanding team and capabilities, we have so far successfully been able to add various technical verticals encompassing PHP, .NET, iOS, Android along with a strong Design team for the right solution. A competitive Quality Assurance team for a successful delivery and an excellent Optimisation & Promotions team for all your marketing expectations.
Service Description
LAMP stack being loved for the open source capabilities and market penetration. We have a excellent team able to handle various frameworks, including CakePHP, Codeignitor, Smarty. We are ever pushing boundaries to learn new ones, including Yii, Laravel and more.
PHP has some brilliant Content Management Systems that are available under the open source licensing - like, Drupal, Magento, Wordpress, Joomla and many more. Our excellent team with up to 8+ years of individual industry experience, we are confident to what we work upon.

When it comes to performance, stability, trust, security and consistency - which are mission critical aspects for a Web based service and solution for a corporation, the natural selection is Microsoft bundle products, ASP .NET combined with SQL Server and many more.
Yellow Objects has an extremely dedicated team with the average developers experience being 4.1 years.

Steve Job - the man who revolutionised the internet industry, and gave a big boost to internet service providers, with the power to access information any where, any time in ever hand across the globe. It was the mobile devices, be in phone, phablet, tablet, and now "Watch". The world is changing really Fast. RIP Steve Jobs.
We are not forgetting Google's contribution in here - they made the technology so affordable that the application penetration went high in developing nations as well. Thanks to Android and Google's vision of Information dominance, "Google" became the synonym for "Information".
Yellow Objects, steady became part of this revolution, assisting the visionaries to bring their idea to reality. We have a brilliant team to handle Mobile development in iOS and Android. Beyond this, for any other platforms, be it Windows, BB and many more, we prefer using wrappers on the native application (done in iOS/Android), likes of PhoneGap and many other similar ones.

Designing and branding are pivotal to Web/Mobile services and applications success. Whether is the selection of template, the colour psychology, geographical pertaining restriction or any other, a careful analysis for all is utmost important.
Further to this, with the concept of Flat designs - the colour became the the essence to a design. The Flat design concept can be well understood by looking at Windows Tile/Metro design for their Windows 8 (and Windows mobile) OS. An even enhanced use of this concept could be seen in iOS 7. They basically took away all the gradient, less of images, but more of RGB based implementation. This got a thumbs up from the Search engine Optimisation team - clearly because, it made the application much lighter (size per se) to load and well optimised - still having the Design quotient.
We understand your needs and have just the right design for every occasion - that would be right to your business, your personal preference and would get a nod from the technical team (on performance).

A Solution/Service/Application is successful when it free of bugs and errors. This clubbed with performance testing, enhances the overall outcome.
We @ Yellow Objects have ISTQB certified QA executives, who can help you in releasing a better system. We use a wide variety of tools for
(A) Functional Testing - Selenium, Sopa ui, QTP, Simpletest, etc.
(B) Performance Testing - Loadrunner, Jmeter, etc.
And then off course there is the most intelligent tool of all - Manual testing :)

Google revolutionised the concept of Information availability at personal comfort. With an extremely powerful engine - the search results on Google page - changed the dynamics of how a website is marketed and optimised. This brought the concept of Search engine Optimisation and Marketing to perform well and score higher on the Search result pages. It is not just Google alone, but Yahoo & Bing being other prominent search engines as well.
With the Inception of Twitter and Facebook (and other Social Media websites) - this brought the concept of peer promotion (loosely based on Word of mouth concept - in here - your know associated would come to know through you, what you like, and post). This along with added targeting capabilities for advertisement display (based on Gender, geography, age group, etc) - it brought the concept of Social Media Promotion.
Some Bad review - that is spoiling your business - as it pops up right on top of every search - this off course needs to be pushed down - so that a new Customer comes to know the good side about you as well.
B. M. S. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India
Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science
2000 - 2004
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
All the Fixed price Projects would be Milestone driver which would be mutually agreed upon, with a 20% (of the project value) advance milestone payment for project initiation.
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