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Yuan M.

Expertise at Video/Audio Codec Streaming and Cloud
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Successful career reflecting pioneering expertise and visionary in the multimedia industry. Proven leader of design and development teams from product concept to delivery. Consistent success in various product developments and project managements as chief architect and industry specialist. Outstanding record of achievement leading to successful product launch, optimized market share, and improved profits. Recognized as an innovative, talented, results-driven industry expert who readily tackles complex challenges and exceeds expectations in challenging roles. The unique combination of the broad industrial technology insight, business strategy, project management, product architecture and hands-on development experience.
Service Description
Areas of Expertise:
Multimedia System
Audio Video Codec: MPEG1/2/4, H264, JPEG, MJPEG, JPEG2000, VC-1, DIVX, AAC, MP3, ASF, WMA, WMV.
Media Framework: DirectShow, Windows Media Foundation, DMO, Windows Media Center, GStreamer, OpenMax, Stagefright, AV Foundation, Core Media, DirectFB, FFMPEG, x264, VLC, MPlayer, TCPMP, QuickTime, OpenGL, Adobe Flash Player and Flash Air, SDL, ALSA, OSS;
Hardware Acceleration: DXVA, DXVA2, GPU Programming, CUDA, OpenCL;
H.264 Hardware Acceleration codec solution on iOS, Android;
Media Streaming System & Protocol: DRM, IPTV, CDN Solution, TCP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, RTMP, SIP, SDP, HTTP, HTTP Live;
Video Quality Measurement: QoS, QoE, Deep knowledge on video encoding/ decoding/ transmission quality and performance on major formats. Subjective objective quality matrix;
Media Applications: audio video capture, webcast, and publish pipeline, BDA graph and DVR.
Device Driver: Windows Video Driver (WDM, AVStream, Stream Class, WDF, BDA, UVC) and Linux UVC driver.

VDI MMR Redirection and Cloud Computing Technology
VDI Redirection: Audio, Video, Device Driver, Adobe Flash;
Cloud-based audio video streaming optimization;

Algorithm, System and SIMD Optimization
DCT, IDCT, FFT, color conversion, motion estimation/compensation, image de-interlacing, interpolation, audio/video filtering, pattern recognition, 2D/3D transformation, subjective video quality analysis, and System, MMX, SSE2, SSE3 Optimization, IPP, ARM SIMD optimization;

Technology Strategy and Due Diligence
Business strategic, market competition analysis;
Technology due diligence, M&A;
IP portfolio management and technology acquisition;
Solution architecting and optimizing;

Project Management
Management on the full life cycle of the project development: feasibility studying, product defining, hardware and software balancing and tradeoff, prototyping, designing, releasing, enhancing, budgeting, scheduling and resource management. Object-Oriented design methodologies (UML).
System Experience and Proficiencies:

Operating System
Windows/Window 8/ Windows RT: DirectX, Direct3D, ACM, MFC, ATL, ActiveX, OLE, COM, DCOM, SDK, DDK.
Embedded system: WinCE, Windows Mobile, and Embedded Linux.
Linux: RedHat, Yellowdog, Monte Vista, Fedora.
Macintosh: iOS, OSX, QuickTime, Sound, Code Segment, File system, iPad, iPod, iPhone Development, Cocoa framework, XCode;
Java: Swing, AWT, J2EE.

Programming Languages
C#, C++, Objective C, Java, MASM (MMX, SSE and SSE2), Linux assembly (Intel), Visual Basic.
University of California, Davis
Ph D studies in Electrical Engineering
1993 - 1995
Moorhead State University
Master of Science in Computer Science
1991 - 1993
Jiao-tong University, China
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineerin
1982 - 1986
Kineto Wireless Inc
Chief Architect IP Video Communication
2012 - 2013
Chief architecting, design and development low latency, real time IP video communication framework for IOS, Android and Windows Mobile 8. Provide expert recommendation and solution on video format, video codec. Technology: firmware codec solution on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile 8; XCode/iOS, JDK/Android SDK/Android NDK, JNI, Media Foundation, camera, RTP, Doubango, OpenMax, Stagefright, AV Foundation, Core Media.
Brevity Ventures Inc
Chief Scientist Video Codec
2012 - 2013
Analyzing, developing, and optimizing the advanced, high quality and high performance video codec algorithm to meet human visual and perceptual system and the requirement of high end post production and distribution. Enhancing and improving the visually lossless aspects, filters, and other related image quality preservation technique. Technology: JPEG2000, CUDA optimization, OpenCL, Edge detection, picture complexity analysis;
Duos Technologies
RTMP Video Streaming Expert and Technology Analyst
2012 - 2012
Analyzing, debugging and development RTMP streaming system. Technology: H.264, RTMP, ffmpeg, x264, flash format.
Ideal Industries
IP Video Streaming Expert and Technology Analyst
2012 - 2012
Analysis network packets and provide the detail algorithm to extract the video media information out of them. Technology: H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG over RTP parsing, H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG raw stream parse, network protocol and Ethernet frame parsing
Snap MyLife, Inc
Chief Architect &Visionary Audio Video Streaming
2011 - 2012
Inventing the cloud based music, video and TV streaming service. Chief architecting end to end multimedia transcoding, redirecting and streaming solution. Technology: Scalable cloud computing service; ffmpeg, x264, H264, AAC codec, MPEG TS streaming, Adobe Flush streaming, iOS SDK & Objective C, Android SDK & Java; Mac OSX Development; Windows DTV/BDA graph, DirectShow Graph, Windows Media Format SDK, ? HTTP streaming, HTTP Live streaming, RTSP, RTP.
The Talk Market, Inc
Chief Architect on Videocilious Product
2011 - 2012
Chief architecting and design the Videocilious on Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows RT : Videocilious is a revolutionary multimedia application capturing, editing, transcoding, uploading and sharing audio, video and photo at professional production quality. Technology: Windows Media Foundation: rendering, A/V sync, MFT H.264 encoding. MFT AAC encoding, mp4 stream sink; DirectShow: rendering, A/V sync, Capturing; GDI+ and OS utilities; Audio Video processing, composition and mixing, image processing filter; Windows 8 / Windows RT programing;
Dolby Lab
Microsoft Media Foundation Transformer Expert
2011 - 2012
Architecting and leading developer on Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital plus MFT encoder for Windows 8. Technology: Loudness control, channel upmixing, Audio codec, Windows Media Foundation, MF HDMI sink, MFT encoder/decoder, DirectSound.
Mobile Broadcast Network
Multimedia Expert
2011 - 2011
Expert advice and guidance on audio video decoding/encoding quality improvement and performance enhancement. Technology: ffmpeg, x264, AAC encoding, Intel based SIMD, Intel IPP.
Chief Architect UVC based Fingerprint Biometric
2011 - 2011
Chief architecting and design UVC based fingerprint acquisition and process pipeline, enhance and optimized the biometric image processing algorithm. Technology: Linux UVC driver, Windows Mobile UVC driver, image enhancement, color conversion algorithm, ARM Neon SIMD optimization.
Teachscape Inc
Chief Multimedia Architect
2009 - 2011
Chief architecting and leading development for revolutionary online professional teaching development systems (Reflect) which strengthens highly effective teaching practices. Reflect is a 360 panoramic high performance and HD audio video capture and publish system. With it, educators can both develop and share a common vision of effective teaching, and support individual teacher professional development with a dynamic new system for growing and learning. Technology: H264 Encoder and Decoder, Audio Video capture, UVC Driver, DirectShow Filter, DMO, Windows Media Foundation, Direct3D, Intel IPP, ffmpeg, AVISynth, RTSP PTZ IP camera (Sony, Sanyo), iOS, iPhone, iPad, Cocoa framework, C#, WFC, XCode, Objective C, GPU programming, CUDA and web publishing.
Intuitive Surgical
Sr. Streaming Codec Expert
2010 - 2010
Architected and developed the real-time audio/video communication solution between surgical robot and Window based client. Technology: H264 AAC decode, Audio Capture, DirectShow, echo cancellation, DC compensation, RTP, RTSP(udp/tcp), RTSP PTZ IP camera (Sony, Sanyo), C#, CLI and WFC, ARM SIMD optimization.
L3 Mobile Vision Inc
Chief Media Architect and Video Codec Expert
2009 - 2010
Developed streaming media player to play back multi-streams audio (AAC), video (H264) and metadata, Customized optimization on H264 and AAC decoding. Technology: H264, AAC decoding, Intel IPP, ftp http streaming, DirectShow, DirectDraw, Direct3D, FFDShow development, PIP(Picture in Picture), Alpha Blending, GPS and XML.
Canesta Inc
Multimedia Architect and Performance Expert
2009 - 2010
Lead Developing on 3D USB camera solution for Windows and Linux. Algorithm optimization on video decoding, 3D transformation and rendering. Overall software pipeline architecture. Low latency USB camera kernel driver development on Windows and Linux. Technology: MJPEG, Intel IPP, Intel C Complier, 3D transformation algorithm, SSE2 optimization, ARM Neon SIMD optimization UVC, AVStream driver, WDF, Linux kernel driver, DirectShow, Windows Media Foundation, OpenGL, GStreamer, Video2Linux, SDL, OpenMax, GPU programming, SOC integration.
Sun Microsystems
Architect Virtual Desktop Multimedia Redirection
2007 - 2009
Innovated VDI redirection technology for multimedia (Windows Media Player and Adobe Flash Player) kernel device driver between the Windows Terminal Server and Sunray thin client. Chief system architected on feature definition, communication protocol, media handling, and software vs. hardware balance. Key contributed to partnership collaboration and technology strategy. Technical mentored and managed the multinational development teams. Technology: Adobe Flash media/command redirection and decoding, Adobe Flash Air integration, ActiveScript, DirectShow Filter, DMO, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Foundation, Audio Device Driver, virtual USB kernel Driver, MPEG2 MPEG4, H264, VC-1, FFMPEG, FFDShow, GStreamer, OpenMAX, A/V Sync, X-Window, X-Video extension, RDP virtual channel communication, TCP/UDP.
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