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Joseph Y.

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My expertise is consultative sales marketing and promotions and all that goes with that such as videos, websites, graphics, telemarketing, branding and PR.

No one wants to be sold on anything, people want help with their problems or solutions to their goals and my goal is to provide them with information that will clarify the problem and the possible options and at that time to highlight why perhaps our solution is best for them, but respecting that they know best what is right for them. This approach has made me a top closer in any sales office with the ability of putting together large B2B deals.

My 25 years of experience and accumulated tools, resources and relationships are utilized to provide you with excellence. This is done by listening and being able to see the goals of my clients through their eyes. Then I make your goals my own and partner with you in achieving the
Service Description
When I take on a project my driving motivation is to provide you with outstanding value, I can only be happy and satisfied if you are happy and satisfied and that means professionalism, communication and results.

Sales and marketing is much more than phone calls or website, but encompasses a range of disciplines such as human behavioral patterns, psychology as well as all the human senses which I take into account when formulating or deploying any sales marketing and public relations campaign.

Focused on helping businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations increase awareness, enhance their image, and improve their financial performance. I can provide end to end solutions from concept to completion.

My clients benefit from my ability to build relationships and form strategic partnerships. Bringing together two or more sides to achieve a win-win situation for everyone involved is what I do best.

When I start working with a client we immediately examine their needs and see what clients or relationships we have that can benefit them.

Media Relations

Reporters and producers receive dozens of pitches from public relations firms every day. Without a previously existing relationship, the majority of them are largely passed over or ignored.

This is where UpsidePR comes in. Our team is different. Working effectively with media members is our bread and butter. We have decades of experience doing it and, as a result we have strong, established relationships with outlets all over the world. Our job is to leverage these existing relationships to benefit our clients.

UpsidePR represents your business with integrity. If we do not have a relationship with a reporter, we form one. We do not blindly pitch media outlets or nag reporters. Instead, we do our research, find the best fit for your story, and earn the placement.

Event Organization and Promotions

One obvious reason to hire an event promotion company is to free yourself from having to worry about and manage a myriad of event details. A professional team that specializes in event promotion will know exactly what steps need to be taken when, anticipate costs before they accrue, and help you get the most out of your event budget.

Event planning and promotion experts can also prevent your company from coming across as cheap. Saving money on a big event isn’t easy without looking like you’ve skimped. Planners know which vendors offer the best prices, and they know how to negotiate a good deal. For example, venue operators are often willing to negotiate price, since so many of their costs are fixed. Planners can also help you save by using vendors that bundle services, like a venue that offers catering, and helping you allocate your budget.”

While removing event details from your plate and helping you to look professional might be enough reasons for you to decide to hire an event promotions company, keep in mind that what will actually bring you the most value is the company’s ability to promote your event in bigger and better ways.

Event promotion company professionals know how to market your event and get maximum participation. They attract qualified, sales-ready attendees through event marketing services that include composing prospect lists and preparing e-mail marketing campaigns, and then help you convert your leads into actual sales. Event promotion company professionals are also able to take care of event registration details and provide services that enable your company to capture valuable prospect data.


Our goal is to build, maintain and grow an active community that reacts quickly to the latest trends and news related to your products and services.

Creating social media campaigns aimed at raising the interest of the community and media products offered services.Social
Analysis of the key performance indicators for each campaign in order to see what are the main factors that community members are reacting.

Optimization of the quality of products and services offered by analyzing the feedback members.

Our services are simple and straightforward.

We build your community by going after specific user groups,
We encourage users to join your page or join a campaign game / competition we have built for your brand.
We manage, monitor and maintain the community.


UpsidePR clients have the opportunity to benefit from our in-house graphic design and creative services department. Whether you need a print advertisement, logo, or eNewsletter – our team is here to handle all of your creative needs, quickly and effectively.

Our team can handle any project, large or small. If you have an idea, we help you bring it to life. Our creative services department specializes in print and online advertising, logo design, producing collateral materials, signs and banners, and social media enhancement. We work with your company and account representative to ensure each custom design piece is branded appropriately, professional looking, and impactful.


Building a brand for an organization can be an overwhelming job, but it can be made much easier with the help of UpsidePR.

It is essential to ensure consistency of messaging, branding, and tone. Our team helps your company define a brand standard – an outline of all decisions about how to you would like your business represented in writing, design, and speech. Once it is establish, it is our goal is make sure that every piece of information distributed on your behalf reflects the goals and values of the entire organization.

A strong brand can benefit your company in so many ways. With UpsidePR’s help, your employees will be able to communicate your company’s vision and core values, easily and consistently. It will save money and time when dealing with consultants and educating new employees in the future. And lastly, an established brand will provide your business with the level of professionalism necessary to stand out in your field.

UpsidePr is a full service marketing and public relations agency focused on helping businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations increase awareness, enhance their image, and improve their financial performance.
Payment Terms
Flexible , escrow required for all jobs.
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Performed business consulting advertising and marketing leading to a 35% increase in company results in six months.
Joseph Y. | Elance

Joseph Y.