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Your Design Guys

Conversion Optimized Website Design
   United States
  |   Pleasant Grove, UT
  |  12:20 pm Local Time

About the Company

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Your Design Guys focuses on creating websites that actually turn visitors into customers. There are three areas you need to focus on when building a website:

1- Generating Credibility: If your website does not feel like a safe place to do business or it's so outdated that people wonder if you are still an ongoing concern then you need to make a change quickly.

2- Delivering Your Competitive Advantage: The way someone interacts with your website has changed dramatically over the last year or two. If your website doesn't quickly tell your visitor in a compelling way why they should work with you instead of your competition then they will hit the back button and move on.

3- Driving Your Call to Action: One of the biggest mistakes designers make is to miss the point of the website all together. They get caught up in creating a pretty picture that does little to guide your visitor to actually take the action you want them to take.
Service Description
We have assembled the top people in many industries to support your project. We can help you with every aspect including:

1- Competitive Marketing Analysis
2- Sales Based content writing
3- Landing Pages
4- Squeeze Pages
5- Website Design
6- Flash
7- Desktop Applications
8- Logo Design
9- Company Branding
10- Split Testing
11- PHP Programing
12- Ecommerce
13- Merchant Account integration
14- PPC Management
15- Split Testing

And anything else that has to do with sales, marketing, design, and programming.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We generally ask for a 50% deposit and the other half due when the website is finished and you are completely satisfied. However we can adjust our terms as necessary as long as it makes sense for all involved.
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Your Design Guys