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To provide you with the quality software
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About the Company

Web applications development. The last innovative web and mobile technologies: Ruby and Ruby on Rails, iOS, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3.
Service Description
Z-group is a custom software development company specializing in the cost-effective development of software and programming solutions for companies and individual customers.

We are ready to walk with you the whole way of software production beginning from business ideas to the ready up and working software. We can support your large, on-going projects after the production with our service.
Our advantages:

1. Huge experience in the field we work. We have started earlier than others and have a lot of complete solutions in our bag. We never sell software we developed for previous customers, but our experience gives future customers assurance in our Timeline, Budget and Quality.

2. Big amount of platforms we can port your application to.

3. Strong Quality Assurance Department. Beta and release testing is a must.

5. The whole staff in one place. It means very good development environment, huge common experience, ability to use real gurus for architecture development and regular professionally managed staff to make project budget reasonable.

6. For large projects we use the UML notation.

Java/C++/.NET, client/server development. Java2EE, EJB, JSP, JavaBeans, eCommerce, WebLogic/JBoss/Tomcat application servers.

The last innovative web technologies: Ruby and Ruby on Rails, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3.

Mobie technologies: iOS, Android applications.

SQL Databases
Oracle, MySql, Postgre, Paradox, DB/2, Informix, Sybase, MS SQL Server

Ruby on Rails, Macromedia Flash, Air and Action Scripts, HTML, JavaScript, JAVA, PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET
Different payment gateways – PayPal, VerySign, Echo, PlugNPay etc.

Software Design Method
Unified Modeling Language (UML). We are experts in Object Oriented Design using Design Patterns and languages such as C++ and JAVA. We can solve your Client/Server problems using CORBA, COM/OLE

Our applications expertise
Accounting, Web sites, Custom Windows Applications, Community Portal Sites, Real Estate sites, E-Commerce, Internet Security, Statistical / Scientific Analysis, Secure Servers.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Payment policy for projects over $1000 USD:
1) 20% upfront.
2) 30% on delivery of beta version.
3) 50% on delivery of final version.
We will provide free technical support for 2 month period.

For projects under $1000 USD:
1) 50% upfront
2) 50% on delivery.
We will provide 4 weeks free technical support.

For projects under $400 USD:
1) 100% on delivery.
We will provide 2 week free technical support.
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