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About the Company

15+ years experience in Visual Basic6, MS Access, Crystal Reports, ASP Classic 3.0, Flex 3, Action Scripting, Oracle, Developer 2000, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET,WPF, Telerik Winforms, Telerik WPF, DevX Winforms, DevX WPF, MS SQL, PHP, MYSQL. Video Streaming Solutions, Video rendering Apps, Video On Demand & Live Web based and Desktop apps. Video Streaming to Mobiles like Iphone/Ipod/Ipad, Symbian Mobiles, Android, PlayStation 3 Game Console, windows mobiles, BigCommerce, Volusion, Ebay and Amazon APIs. Experience Developer and Project Manager whose qualifications include a degree in computer science; MCS, PGD, Oracle & .NET Certification; and detailed knowledge of Web, Desktop and Mobile Applications development, technologies and best practices. 15+ years of experience in the development, deployment and support of Web, Desktop and Mobile solutions, systems and information assets for diverse companies and organizations.
Service Description
Platforms: Windows, 2000/XP,Oracle Server, SQL Server 2000, IIS, Windows Media Server.
ASP, Visual Basic, VBSCRIPT, HTML,VB.NET, ASP.NET, Developer2000, Seagate Crystal Reports, Web Services, PIC IC Basic Language, DLLs, Active X, PHP/MYSQL Distributed Client / Server Applications.
Data Scarping Applications in VB.NET,Vb6 and ASP.NET
Site Builders and Creators in .NET
Testing and Quality Control Experience

Directed a team of 6-8 developers (junior to senior level/ VB, ASP, Oracle, VB.NET,PHP/MYSQL Using (WAMP) etc) .

Negotiated design and functionality issues with Software Designers designers, Database
producers, and technical developers; explained technical issues and hurdles;
worked for consensus.

Launched So Many Business, Industrial Automation Applications in Market from the Platform of BloomSoft Technologies. These Applications are running very well and all clients are 100% satisfied.

Has Developed So many Financial Applications, Inventory and Production Control Systems, Human Resource and Payroll management Systems.

For the last two Years Successfully working on Telephony Applications Using Active Controls. For this I have Developed Some of Home Solutions and Also Some Office Solutions Including a Network Based Telephone Exchange That work on LAN Environment in an office.

Recently has developed a New Kind of Application that Is Actually Connecting the PABX Exchanges of Three Overseas Offices an Organization Using Internet, VOIP and TAPI an this System is also Running Very successfully.

Has Developed E-Commerce Sites of Some Clients from US and UK using ASP / ASP.NET.

Remote Desktop Sharing Application is also in my Bag Using VNC or Windows Terminal Services.

Document Scanning and Faxing Using Internet is also a Big project that we have implemented to our client and it has saved a Lot for Sending the Color Pages from Pakistan to UK (overseas office)

Financial Management System
This Product is Designed to Match the Corporate Level Accounting Requirements. In Which The Users Just Enter their Daily Transactions in the Form of Vouchers and Then Our System Take All the Responsibility to Make All Accounting Books and Statements and Also for the Analytical and Statistical Reports.
Inventory Management System
This Product is Designed to Match the Industrial Store, Inventory, Stocks and Consumption Requirements. In Which The Users Just Enter their Daily Transactions in the Form of P.R., P.O., S.R.N., Issue and Return Notes and Then Our System Take All the Responsibility to Make All Inventory Books, Bin Cards, Stock Statements, Consumption Reports and Also for the Analytical and Statistical Reports.
Human Resource Management System
This Product is Designed to Match the Industrial and Corporate Human Resource, Salaries and Wages Management Requirements . In Which all the Basic and Extended Operations Related to Employees from Attendance to Salary Calculations and Other HR Related Tasks Done Automatically The Users Just Have to Put the Data of Employees and Then Our System Takes All the Responsibilities. The Attendance Can be Done by Barcode Scanners or Finger Scanners or R.F. IDs.
Spinning Unit Production Management System.
This Product is Unique its Category as we have built The Two Modules of Cotton and Yarn in It So You Can Start from the Purchase of Cotton and Then After Sale of Yarn Till Collection of Receivables all the Tasks will be Handled in One Software Under One Roof.
Textile Processing and Printing Management System.
This Software is Designed to Match the Daily working Requirements of Textile Processing and Printing Mills in Which All the Management of IN/OUT and Consumptions Done Lot Wise. So We Can Give You as Clear Picture of Your Profit and Loss as Possible.
Soap Factory Management System.
This Software is Specially Designed for The Soap Factories So That They Can Manage all the Aspects of Accounts, Inventories, Production, Salaries and Wages in One Software with Less Electronic and Human Resources.
Yarn Dealers System.
This System is Designed for the Yarn Dealers So That They Can Take Care of their Business with One Single Solution. In Which All their Business Transactions, Receivables, Payables and Stocks Info are Being Handled.
Knitting Unit Production Management System.
This System is Designed to Manage the Production Aspects of Knitting Units So That the Management Can Track the Consumption of Yarn, Wastage and Production Fabric in an Automated Way.
M.R.P for Textile Sector.
This is the Mega Project Which Actually Includes Our Four Projects in an 100% Integrated Way To Fulfill all the Basic to Extra Needs of Industrial Corporate Sector. In This From Gate In to Dispatch of the Product Each and Every Process is Being Handled by Our System and All The Departs of the Organization Gets the Most out of It By putting less.
Remote Factory Monitoring (Client / Server)
This System is Designed to Monitor Factory of Any Premises By Staying Long away from It.
ID and Door Entrance System
This System is Designed to manage the Factories and Offices Needs to have authorized Entrance System in All Areas of Organization.
Wire Less Networking Solution for Long Range Access
In This We Provide Configuration Services to Connect Two or More Remote Locations With Each Other.
VOIP, Faxing, Document Printing Solution.
We Provide a Full Internet or Intranet Phone System On Existing LAN, WAN or Internet Link to Connect Two or More Points of Any Organization to Less the Communication Costs.
Telephony Server.
We Provide a Software Which Can Be Attached With Organizations Existing Database to Provide an Automated Way to Server Its Clients VIA Phone Line to Answer and Provide Common Day Services With Adding Any Kind of Human resource in It.
Visual Basic Programming
Awarded: 2002
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We will Prefer Payment in Three Terms

1) 35% Adavnce at the Time of Confirmation.
2) 30% At Beta Release.
3) 35% At the Time of Delivery.
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