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Muhammad Irfan

PDF Javascript Expert
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Fillable PDF Forms, Interactive PDF forms,Calculation enabled PDF forms with advanced javascript PDF to other format conversion,

I can create professional looking, interactive pdf forms with following capabilities.

1- My distinction lies in javascript coding of pdf forms to add more functionality.

2- I can perform complex calculations in pdf form

3- I can create time sheets for employee with auto or manual start and end time entry, calculation of total time (subtraction of break time if any) and calculation of charges according to per hour rate.

4- Age calculation from date of birth. Auto filling of date field with today's date, greeting according to current time.

5- Loading of specific item in a dropdown according to selection in another dropdown, like if a state is selected in one drop down all cities of that state are loaded in other drop down. Similarly Tax rate is automatically applied /calculated according to state selection.
Service Description
6- I can populate data between different fields of a pdf form, even in another form on disk

7- I can save pdf form with a specific name according to filled data.

8- Lock the form before sending by email or printing.

9- Document will not print if a required field is not filled.

10- You can fill and save the filled data as soft copy (better for later printing or backup)

11- Can be printed with a single button, it can print silently as well as with print dialog. Even specific pages in a document can be printed.

12- Complete form can be sent via email with a button click. With or without showing the default mail client.

13- My Forms are compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android platform.

All Samples are available on demand.

Thank you for your interest.
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Muhammad Irfan | Elance

Muhammad Irfan