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Dr. Muhammad Emad

Ophthalmology, Optometry and Arabic translation
  |   Alexandria, Alexandria
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An unrivaled skill that started as a God given talent and kept developing thanks to thousands of hours of studying, training and hard working. That skill allowed me to participate as an instant translator in international camps and workshops held by The Egyptian Ministry of Youth. Moreover, my translations have been used in videos that was presented at the British parliament.

A real passion about language that produces 100 % devotion and commitment to the job.

An absolute patience to yield the perfect result like a good chef who gives his meal all the time needed to marinate adequately to produce that delicious taste.

An obsession about perfection that obligates me to revise my work at least five times to make sure that the final product is the best result possible.

Finally, an avid hunger for success that keeps increasing with every success achieved.

Are you still hesitated to use my services!
Service Description
I am Specialized at:
1. Bidirectional translation from English to Arabic including translation of: technical manuals, medical articles, scientific articles, websites, Private documents, Personal data, Books and handbooks. With more than 8 years of experience in the field of translation, be sure that your project is in good hands.

2. Writing about anything related to medicine and medical sciences whether directly or indirectly. If you need articles about plastic surgery or considering articles about Diabetes mellitus or your project is about traditional Chinese medicine or you have a website about psychology and psychiatry or thinking about self help and wellness blog posts or seeking articles about a specific medical condition. Whatever your need might be your visit to my profile means that you have found your one stop solution that aims to succeeding your businesses.

3. Article writing and article rewriting about anything related to the eyes and vision. Whether cataract, glaucoma, contact lenses, diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration, eye care, eye diseases, vision problems, dry eye, blepharitis, squint, astigmatism. Just mention anything related to ophthalmology and you will find it here in abundance.

3. Writing about new technologies and gadgets including writing: articles and blog posts about computers, mobile phones, gadgets and new inventions.

4. Football: I am one of those football lunatics, so whether it is translation of any staff related to football or providing tactical analysis for national teams and clubs or article writing about any topic related to football, you just named the right guy.

5. Writing about self help and human mentality. This is one of the subjects that always lure me to read more. I have read numerous books in the field of self help and in success literature. I enjoy reading for the big names like: Stephen R. Covey, Ibrahim Elfiky, Tony buzan, Paul R.Scheele, Dale carnegie. If you are looking for supreme quality content in these subjects just let me help.

6. Academic writing and writing scientific articles.

7. Copywriting.

8. Report writing.

9. Transcription of audio files.

10. Creative writing.

11. 7 Years experience in dealing with Microsoft OFFICE applications including; Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010.
Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt
Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery (MBBCH)
Awarded: 2010
Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University
Bachelors of Medicine and General Surgery (MB BCh)
2003 - 2010
Middle east Language school for boys
High School Graduation Diploma
2000 - 2003
Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University
Ophthalmology resident
2011 - Present
Alexandria university hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the Middle East. I'm now a resident in the department of "Ophthalmology".
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Dr. Muhammad Emad | Elance

Dr. Muhammad Emad