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About the Company

ZUZEX takes responsibility and provides this planet with complex mobile, desktop and web applications.
All projects are developed according to Scrum and supported according to Kanban methodologies. We don't just create applications, we make them live.
Our managers will not just accept the work but will dig deep into the business model and will help you with some advice. We are really loyal and friendly company.

A full range of services is provided during the development:

- professional detailed specification
- projecting
- web development
- mobile development
- system administration
- graphic design
- testing
- SEO and marketing

We have tons of projects completed and same quantity of positive feedback and references. Please contact any of our managers for details.
Service Description
Desktop and mobile development

ZUZEX Desktop and mobile development department is focused on end-users. What does it mean?
It means that we are working in a trusted old school way and doing all application only in native languages of the devices and torture the applications hard in our testing department.
We are also capable of working with different cross-platform frameworks and have big experience in this field, but mostly focused on native development with cannot work in any way but good.
We are an experienced team, we are not just talking about mobile apps, we actually make them every day.

Service cost: $29/hour

Web development

Our web development department is doing most part of the projects in PHP. If there is a need for Ruby programming, we can provide clients with at least two specialists. We have a very big experience with real live heavy loaded projects. We have projects over 10 000 man-hours behind our back.

Service cost: $25/hour

Hardware innovations and low-level programming

ZUZEX gladly participates in any projects, which involve a direct interaction with hardware. If you need anything electrical to be programmed, you are at the right place. We are creating beautiful solution in hardware engineering. How? Our Assembler and C knowledge really helps; it is all about education of staff

Service cost: $29/hour

Graphic design

Graphic design at ZUZEX is not just design. This is:
- Collection of your personal requirements
- Analysis of your target audience
- Making with you a decision based on your needs and needs of your customers
- Sketches
- Negotiation
- Final result
- If needed, we can add some formats for printing and give some advice; we are experienced in printing industry as well

Service cost: $25/hour

System administration

Since we have a huge background with overloaded web projects, we had no way but to become real experts and system administration. There are almost no technologies left which we have not used. Our specialists work with both Unix/Linux and Windows servers. Any databases, any HTTP servers, any configuration

Service cost: $27/hour

Search engine optimization, marketing reports and content writing

ZUZEX provides with a human driven SEO. We do not sell reports generated using some free online tools. We do some automatic review of basic errors using moz.org and a full analysis made by our SEO specialists. They do not just give you ‘some’ results, they consult with you, ask questions about what you need to get in the end and then propose you the best solution for your website.
Main advantages of working with SEO services from ZUZEX:

- You will be charged only for time spent and nothing else
- We never ‘re-sell’ any backlinks or services (all links will bought under your account directly)
- All our content writers and SEO specialists are sitting in the same office and are very effective team
- The team is experienced in any type of promotion; starting from local area search results, ending in world-wide search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex.
- Our content writer will not just write texts but also can support your Facebook fan pages, control twitter etc. They may really become your right hand

SEO and marketing services: $30/hour
Content writing services: $22/hour
Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Faculty of Exact Sciences, Physics
2001 - 2004
Mikhail Shevtsov
System administrator
2012 - Present
Technical support, Database administrator, Network administrator/analyst/specialist
Alexander Petrichkevich
2012 - Present
Selenium, Python
Eugene Bondar
2012 - Present
PHP programming, Ajax, Javascript, HTML
Pavel Meshkov
Lead programmer
2012 - Present
Lead programmer
Evgeniy Lerner
Lead programmer
2012 - Present
C# programming, C# and Delphi programming
Selim Mustaphaev
Lead programmer
2012 - Present
++ programming, software security engineer
Roman Samko
2011 - Present
PHP programming, Ajax, Javascript, HTML, MySQL
Daria Kovalchuk
Clients manager, project manager
2011 - Present
Communication with customers, searching for new projects, management of new projects
Anya Taran
2011 - Present
C# programming, software security engineer
Roman Abashin
Lead programmer
2011 - Present
iPhone and Mac programming, consulting concerning any desktop development
Alina Tkachenko
Diamond Programmer
2011 - Present
PHP programming, HTML, MySQL
Roman Solodovnikov
Chief Managing Officer
2010 - Present
Communication with clients, management of company inner tasks, working with company tracker
Pavel Chekryshov
Head of support department
2010 - Present
Head of support department, projecting, quotation, consulting, development of server solutions and analyzing the work of current highly loaded systems, CISCO specialist
Eugene Mudrov
Lead programmer
2009 - Present
PHP programming, Ajax, Javascript, HTML, MySQL, consulting
Ivan Usatchev
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
2008 - Present
Working with customers and managing projects
Dmitry Gnezdilin
Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer
2008 - Present
Managing the technical side of the projects. Controlling heads of departments and programmers work
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We request funds after completion of the work for projects less than $2000.
For projects over $2000 we usually split it to milestones and each milestone is paid after it's been completed.
Hang Siu Chin
We've completed above 100 different projects for Honlyn. Those projects were Windows, iPhone, Android and Mac applications. Plus lots of web PHP work.
Thomas Smart
ThomasSmart.com, Amsterdam Netherlands, CEO
There were many interesting projects done for Thomas Smart. All of those projects were highly innovative and we had to complete things that no one had ever done. All those projects were web applications with very complicated dynamic content processing. Plus, lots of system administration work. Nice experience and good relationship.
RJ Randall
WebGNE LLC, Florida US, CEO
Working with RJ we have developed a huge US portal that was in PHP. That project lasts for 3 years. About 15 000 man-hours are involved in this project.
Martin Skoda
Who Is Canadian, Vancouver Canada, CEO
A very nice social portal "Who Is Canadian" has been completed during this relationship. Heavy Ajax and PHP work.
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