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Results for 'Microprocessor circuit design'

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Qualified Electronic Design Engineer
  United Kingdom  |  Engineering & Manufacturing
 |  19 Jobs  |  $23,554 Earnings  | 
Offering a complete electronic systems design and consultancy service. With small overheads I can impart a professional personal flexible service to deliver a quality reliable product at low design...

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Experienced Embedded System Designer
  United States  |  Rate: $88  |  Engineering & Manufacturing
 |  11 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I was a tinkerer as a kid, always fixing or taking something apart and putting it back together. As I grew older, I became fascinated with electronics and had the chance to pursue an electrical...

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Expert Robotic Engineer, programmer & 3D modelling
  India  |  Rate: $11  |  Engineering & Manufacturing
 |  10 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Expert and highly motivated Robotic Engineer having experience of more than 6 years in the field of designing, fabricating, 3D modelling and programming robots for various applications. With...

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Electronic Product Design and Commercialization
  Canada  |  Rate: $82  |  Engineering & Manufacturing
 |  9 Jobs  |  Private  | 
We are a small dedicated group of Licensed Professional Engineers and experts that specialize in the design, development and commercialization of electronic products and systems. Over the past...

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Qualified Electronic Design Engineer, PCB design,
  India  |  Rate: $19  |  Engineering & Manufacturing
 |  8 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Creative, result driven young technologist. Change agent and problem-solver with a passion for technology.Holds a 4 year Bachelor's degree in Electronics and communication Engineering and 3 year...

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Electrical Engineer - Embedded HW & SW Design
  United States  |  Engineering & Manufacturing
 |  2 Jobs  |  $255 Earnings  | 
Electrical engineer with more than 30 years experience in hardware design, firmware and software development, system design and integration, and manufacturing. Expertise: ? Digital and analog...

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Problem solver in electronics and machinery
  United States  |  Rate: $40  |  Engineering & Manufacturing
 |  7 Jobs  |  $14,096 Earnings  | 
Over 25 years experience at creatively solving diverse problems in electronics, embedded programming, machinery, prototyping, and project management. My emphasis is always on quality! Experienced...

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Jack of all trades Sr. electrical engineer
  United States  |  Rate: $65  |  Engineering & Manufacturing
 |  1 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I started working as an electrical engineer since 1997. I have started design for medical and military thermal (infrared) camera systems. My experience extends to digital, analog, mixed circuit...

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Electronics Embedded system professional
  India  |  Rate: $16  |  Engineering & Manufacturing
 |  4 Jobs  |  $3,171 Earnings  | 
Versatile R&D professional with 5+ years experience in conceptualization and development of microprocessor-based products and solutions. Specialized skills in Automotive domain software Development...

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Exepert in Embedded System Design.
  India  |  Rate: $20  |  Engineering & Manufacturing
 |  2 Jobs  |  $138 Earnings  | 
Working as R&D professional with 3+ years experience in development of microprocessor-based and micro-controller based products and solutions. Specialized skills in Automotive domain software...

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Digital Art & Interactive Technologies developer
  Lithuania  |  Rate: $25  |  IT & Programming
 |  5 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Digital Graphics content design and 2D/3D animation (Blender), Interactive Multimedia Systems, CAD and Graphics Programming (OpenGL, WebGL), Computer Vision (OpenCV). We are professional...

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Creative Engineer and Entrepreneur
  Bulgaria  |  Rate: $22  |  IT & Programming
 |  0 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I am freelance engineer and entrepreneur with experience in microprocessors, product development, prototyping and software development. Looking forward for interesting jobs and happy clients.

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Web Research,MS word and Excel,Animation,Photoshop
  Philippines  |  Rate: $3  |  Admin Support
 |  5 Jobs  |  Private  | 
An Expert in Data mining, Scraping, Internet research and Data entry, Craigslist and Have knowledge in SEO, Amazon and eBay. and most of all I have the Considerable Skills,Attention to Detail,...

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Adding value to content
  India  |  Rate: $25  |  Writing & Translation
 |  2 Jobs  |  $1,348 Earnings  | 
After you have written a book so what is next. If you want to achieve maximum usefulness of book you need to have user-friendly index written from users' perspective. Unless you are familiar with...

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Serious Attention Yields Satisfaction
  United States  |  Engineering & Manufacturing
 |  1 Jobs  |  $510 Earnings  | 
Experienced in microprocessor and microcontroller embedded design -- all the way from initial idea to a finished working prototype, including specifications, circuit design, hardware (PCB) design...