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Fixed Price: $500 - $1,000   |  Posted: Aug 31, 2015  |  Ends: 58d, 13h  |   9 Proposals
We are looking for a hardware/software developer (mechanical/electronic engineer) who can implement a complete custom project for a GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking unit for motorcycles. The units purpose is to gather GPS data and other data (live tracking, speed, distance and other common tracking features) and track the information back to a web application and alerts in mobile phone. SKILLS: Schematic Circuit Diagram, Circuit Design, Electrical Drawing, Electrical engineering, Electronic Design, Electronics, Embedded C, Embedded Systems, GPS Development, PCB Design If you DO NOT have a prior experience using GPS/GSM/GPRS module in vehicle tracking, please do not bid on this project, we would prefer to see prior work before we award the project. REQUIREMENTS: 1. Sending GPS co-ordinates to our server (GPS/GPRS) and/or SMS alerts for motion. Tracked using IMEI; 2. Have a rechargeable lithium battery. Basing your experience you can choose the best one. Long life battery is appreciated; 3. Must...
Category: Product Design       

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| i****ide
|    Brazil
Hourly Rate: Not Sure   |  Duration: Not Sure  |  Posted: Aug 30, 2015  |  Ends: 12d, 13h  |   10 Proposals
I have a small group of electrical prints from an aircraft. I need a particular electrical circuit extracted from all of this and drawn into a picture that we can build off of. If this picture is hand drawn, I'm ok with that. I just need it done correctly. I need this done today. Thanks!
Category: Electrical       

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| t****oyn
|    United States
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: Aug 28, 2015  |  Ends: 10d, 16h  |   11 Proposals
we are developing a Fan for the use in the entertainment industry. We need a fan controller that will do the following Very quiet must be a VFD design 100v - 240 v input 120v output motor PSC 1/4 hp to 1 hp Control by pot and DMX 512 pro Small size durable inexpensive to fabricate
Category: Electrical       

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| j****134 *
|    Canada
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: Aug 27, 2015  |  Ends: 9d, 16h  |   12 Proposals
Need to develop an LED bulb with backup battery inside which will activate itself when the power goes off. No manual switch , no remote, must turn automatically on when the power goes off and if the wall switch is on. Must be able to turn off using wall switch. 900 lumens of light needed. Need 10-14 hours of runtime in good lighting in emergency mode when power goes off.
Category: Electrical       

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| n****imd
|    United Arab Emirates
Fixed Price: $500 - $1,000   |  Posted: Aug 25, 2015  |  Ends: 8d, 0h  |   5 Proposals
The object is to build a web based application. Budget is not constraint now. Takes input in the form of a collection of one or more images The input will also include a structure/arrangement of images. Identify similar structure in a large set of PDFs containing images Display results that match the structure and individual input images The above application will be used to find the presence of small circuits within large circuits. So a user can provide images of two transistors connected in a particular way. The system will then find a similar arrangement in all the other circuit images that it has in its database. Opencv can be used for image processing. Type of application development required: New Application Integration requirements: Standalone Application Purpose or functionality of application: Take set of images as input Take structure as input. Structure defines how these images are arranged w.r.t each other Identify similar structure/arrangement in the set of availab...
Category: Software Application       
Skills: Linux System Administration, Python, OpenCV       

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| p****987
|    India
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: Aug 21, 2015  |  Ends: 3d, 10h  |   14 Proposals
I need and a engineer who can make a design and blueprint for a small piece of hardware that projects weather, time, reminder, etc on to a wall that the user sets from his or her computer. I have made some sketches for the product the more detail the better.
Category: Mechanical       

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| c****lon
|    United States
Hourly Rate: Not Sure   |  Duration: Not Sure  |  Posted: Aug 21, 2015  |  Ends: 3d, 6h  |   15 Proposals
We are a start-up (  [obscured]  ) developing and manufacturing integrated micro-electronics circuits (chips) that are used by scientific community to study neurons and in particular neuronal networks and retina. For instance, a network of neurons derived from stem cells can be cultured on our chip up to form a sort of "mini-brain" and then our chip is able to sense the electrical activity of the neurons (which is the language used by neurons to communicate) in order to study neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease. Our devices represent the interface between the neuro-biological world and the digital-electronic world. The novelty is that our chip integrates thousands of sensors (each sensor can interface with a neuron, hence we can read-out from thousands of them), while past devices had only ~60 sensors. We need an illustration (either 2D or 3D) to express these two main concepts: (i) neuro-chip interface and (ii) high-resolution. The illustration should sh...
Category: Illustration       

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| t****ain
|    Switzerland
Hourly Rate: Not Sure   |  Duration: Not Sure  |  Posted: Aug 20, 2015  |  Ends: 2d, 5h  |   16 Proposals
Hello, a consumer electronic manufacture company is looking for a company in China who can manufacture for them a clinical hand device. Please since this is a life time corporation, the candidate should be honest and be ready to deliver what he promises. Our client is not looking for a middle man, but the direct contact to the company. Client prefers people from China, Taiwan, Korea and other Asia world known to be good in Electronics. Best Regards Amande
Category: Chemical Engineering       

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| X****Seo
|    Germany
Fixed Price: $1,000 - $5,000   |  Posted: Aug 13, 2015  |  Ends: 6d, 14h  |   14 Proposals
I would like bids on designing the circuits, providing gerber files, writing code and providing a test article. This item will be FCC certified in the US and must meet all compliance requirements. This device will be based on the following CML chip while operating and approved only in the MURS bands to avoid FCC operator license requirements.   [obscured]  /products/CMX883_Baseband_Processor_for_FRS_MURS_PMR446_and_GMRS_Leisure_Radios/ I would like the bids to include the incorporation of a GPS chip with antenna and routines to locate the distance, bearing and position of another matching radio. I have identified the formula that will handle this. The screen should be four lines with OLED yellow display. There will be about 20 menu screens to set up groups, poll locations, text both ways, review old messages This will be a small qwerty keyboard similar to Blackberry. There will be no voice capability included. I need someone with strong radio design skills and a circui...
Category: Electrical       
Preferred Location: India/Southern Asia, Eastern Asia

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| R****777
|    United States
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: Aug 06, 2015  |  Ends: 21d, 15h  |   9 Proposals
Hitting the golf ball on the 'sweet spot' of the club gives a player the maximum benefit of a proper swing. We need engineer's to help us build a club that will, on impact with the golf ball, identify on a smart phone or on the club it self, where the club struck the ball (position). Some of possible sensors that could be used are vibration sensors, pressure sensors and then triangulate the point of impact and display that on a smart phone (via BT) or on the shaft of the club with some LED indicators. Any freelancer selected, will be required to sign a NDA and provide references for their past projects.
Category: Electrical       
Preferred Location: United States

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| g****edn
|    United States
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