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Hourly Rate: $15 - $20 / hr   |  Duration: 7-9 months  |  Posted: 35 minutes ago  |  Ends: 14d, 23h  |   0 Proposals
Hi There ? We're looking for someone to help provide customer service and help manage the day-to-day operations of our copywriting service. We need someone who is eager to learn, excited to help, and enthusiastic about helping our customers and prospective customers solve problems. We will provide paid training, plenty of room to grow with the company and earn, and plenty of support. Job Description: - Answer emails from current and prospective clients - Offer recommendations and suggestions for said clients and prospects - Answer queries and questions via Skype Text Chat (No video calls and no phone calls - just text chat on Skype) - Pre-Qualify prospects (We will teach you how - This does NOT require selling or cold contacting anyone... All of my prospective clients are contacting US, we never go out and find clients. You will never have to sell or cold contact anyone, just take orders and offer honest recommendations.) - Collect proper information from prospective clients - ...
Category: Customer Service       
Preferred Location: North America

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| s****e21
|    United States
Hourly Rate: $10 - $15 / hr   |  Duration: Not Sure  |  Posted: 1h, 49m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 22h  |   0 Proposals
I am an advanced beginner to intermediate french speaker. I need a French teacher who is extremely structured in her teaching method and has proven to taken previous students from an intermediate to advanced level of language mastery. I would like my future teacher to be able to share with me PDF documents of the books we will be using. I also need someone who has flexible hours as I have a hectic schedule yet want to fit in my language learning somehow. If you think the description above fits you, kindly apply to this job giving me some details on how you will approach teaching me. Thank you, Maram
Category: Other - Translation       
Skills: English       

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| M****amz
|    Saudi Arabia
Hourly Rate: Not Sure   |  Duration: 1-2 weeks  |  Posted: 2h, 14m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 21h  |   4 Proposals
I am looking for research that will support my hypothesis that people want to give and receive investment gifts (stocks/bonds) Topic #1 - Gift Giving - What are the reasons/needs that people seek to fulfill in giving a gift to another person? (i.e., obligation, impact, connection, etc.) - What are the most common types of gifts that are given? - Why do people give gift cards? - How do people feel when they get gift cards? (This one is important - I want to show that people hate gift cards) - Do people give cash or any financial gifts? If so, what do they give and why? Is it appreciated? - Do people give investment gifts (stocks, bonds)? If so, why? Is it appreciated? (for this you might want to find old research that showed that people *LOVED* to receive US Savings Bonds 10 years ago) Topic #2 - Teaching about financial services - How do families or parents teach their kids about saving money? (money management) - Do families desire to teach their children about ...
Category: Research & Surveys       

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| P****156
|    United States
Fixed Price: $500 - $1,000   |  Posted: 2h, 52m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 21h  |   5 Proposals
We need a company to implement moodle on google cloud for our internal use. WE are thinking of using Moodle to teach our sales staff about the service and products. We like to give them separate url if possible or login and we like to track which lessons they have taken. If possible we like to see summary of what is left so we can contact them to continue their lessons. If possible we like to have quick quizzes to verify that they have gone through the material. We just want to fully utilize all the features in moodle.
Category: Web Programming       
Skills: MySQL Administration, HTML, PHP, Moodle, google cloud       

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| S****ran
|    Canada
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: 3h, 48m ago  |  Ends: 6d, 20h  |   17 Proposals
We are looking for very structured writer for 4 articles of 500 words each. The articles are on a business related topic (e.g. marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting) and should be: - very well researched and structured, - grammatically correct and error free, - simple to understand. The text must be 100% unique and teach people about the given topic. If you perform extraordinarily well, we will hire you long-term. Best regards!
Category: Article Writing       

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| 1****tin
|    Germany
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: 3h, 59m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 20h  |   14 Proposals
HI We have seen some of the work you have done for TEACH ME (UK) and we would like you to develop a logo for us. We are an educational business aiming to develop skills for young children in STEM. STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. So pupils at schools will be assembling parts, building 3d printers and even programming robots. here are some websites that you may find useful to understand breifly what STEM is.   [obscured]  /   [obscured]   my website is   [obscured]   ( under construction) a) I want you to make me a high quality logo that is suitable for the purpose. b) i will in the future use you to develop posters and poster booklets so this is not a one off rather i shall be using your services for long term. If you have any questions then feel free to contact me. thanks
Category: Logos       

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| w****ces
|    United Kingdom
Hourly Rate: $10 - $15 / hr   |  Duration: 3-4 weeks  |  Posted: 8h, 22m ago  |  Ends: 2d, 15h  |   8 Proposals
Hi, I need somebody who can customize templates, create a workflow and teach/educate me how to use the software properly. My timezone: Berlin/Germany time.
Category: User Experience Design       

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| m****sta
|    Switzerland
Hourly Rate: Not Sure   |  Duration: Not Sure  |  Posted: 9h, 2m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 14h  |   2 Proposals
Hi again, I have recorded a few Execution Plans - just like the DM stuff. I have an app that has the same look at feel but I now need someone to... - Convertthe video files into *.WEBM & *.MP4 - uploading the files to AWS - embedding the videos into a special WP Plugin designed to teach step by steps processes. - Creating a "lesson Thumbnail image" that will be used to link to the lesson. Is this something you'd know how to do? If so, I have about 20 over the next 3 months... I would like to have one person do everything. It's not a big job for each - I guess about 30 min work. Chris
Category: Design Project Management       

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| c****ons
|    United Kingdom
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: 10h, 31m ago  |  Ends: 29d, 13h  |   0 Proposals
Creating lesson plans and lessons to supplement an existing CTE course, aimed at high school students, on Principles of Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Minimum of 8-10 years experience, of which 3+ years should have been in full time teaching ? (a) Teaching Transportation, Distribution and Logistics related courses in a four year college program OR (b) Major Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics at college level (graduation or post-graduation) (c) Teaching Grade 9 or Grade 10 students in the CTE Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics cluster at a private school. Other preferred attributes: (i) some exposure to K-12 career counseling and/of soft skills training (ii) Has exposure to online learning as an instructor or as a subject matter expert
Category: Academic Writing       
Preferred Location: United States

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| v****pte
|    India
Fixed Price: $20 - $200   |  Posted: 11h, 9m ago  |  Ends: 89d, 12h  |   3 Proposals
Power Leveler position is all about manually playing online game on customer's account and achieving agreed on goals in given deadline. Playing manually means 100% by hand, no bots, no hacks, no 3rd party software, no keyboard/mouse/other software/hardware macros etc. You are not allowed (without my explicit case by case permission) to use or install anything beside the official game client. You don't have to do it yourself, preferably you can outsource this job to your non English speaking friend and earn on being a middle man. Ideally you already have a few friends or family members who can share the same PC 24/7. Keep in mind that I still need somebody with at least communicative English to discuss orders and new services with (explain what to do and how). That person would then teach the sub-levelers. It doesn't matter which game you know or want to play, I will try to get customers for anything you can do. If you do not know any game in which you can start leveling right now, Bliz...
Category: Other - Administrative...       

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| I****rge
|    Poland
Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: 12h, 42m ago  |  Ends: 2d, 11h  |   1 Proposal
We have created a new magic curriculum for magicians to teach kids 8 to 12 years old magic tricks (like a magic camp or after school magic classes) but it is built around social skills and people skills and other life skills. Magicians buy a license to teach this course in there area and as part of the liscesnes we want to offer them some marketing materials to fill their first class. We are wanting 3 to 5 sample (Fill in the blank) press releases that we can give them. 1) Announcing that they just got a license to present the program in their area 2) Announcing that have teamed up with local sponsors to offer a specific class 3) Classes are being offered at location X for the first time 4) X kids just graduated form _______ Magic classes 5) any suggestions would be great. We are not looking for the typical online blast everywhere press release. we want to offer these guys something they can give to their local paper and be taken seriously and have success getting stories!!! Pl...
Category: Press Releases       

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| b****mer
|    United States
Hourly Rate: $10 - $15 / hr   |  Duration: 7-9 months  |  Posted: 13h, 25m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 10h  |   6 Proposals
Hello! :-) Thank You for considering this post! We're looking for an English Teacher, to work with a young lady, named Israel, in the Philippines, sometime between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., Philippines Time, for 60 to 90 minutes, 3 times per week. The teacher shall use an organized, structured approach, to teach Israel English.The teacher will be expected to provide instructional materials. The accent will be some form of a standard American accent. Items to be covered should include: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Word Choice & Usage, Vocabulary Building, etc.. We look forward to receiving your bids and thoughts. Cheers! Damien
Category: Other - Writing Services       

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| D****544
|    United States
Fixed Price: $1,000 - $5,000   |  Posted: 14h, 27m ago  |  Ends: 25d, 4h  |   7 Proposals
I need someone experienced in putting together a successful webinar from start to finish and managing all aspects of the project. The webinar is a business webinar to teach clients how to buy a small business for little to no money down as an investor. Our market target client are middle aged business professions who are interested in owning their own business or investors who are interested in investing in small businesses and lastly clients who are interested in making money by investing in businesses using creative financing. I would like someone to handle the day to day duties including helping with the marketing, editing the product and creating a great experience for our webinar participants and clients. Items to include in video: Logos, Color Schemes, Photos, Charts or Graphs or Tables, Stock Photography, Client-generated Target audience of video: 1000+ Length of video: 30 - 45
Category: Customer Service...       
Skills: Video Production       

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| w****ama
|    United States
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: 17h, 4m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 6h  |   14 Proposals
Hello. I manage a WordPress-dedicated Debian server and would like to set up Amanda (  [obscured]  ) as the backup software to daily upload a full backup of the server, which should include all the HTML files and the MySQL databases to Amazon S3. Each new backup should be saved to a subfolder within the bucket. The folder name should be the date. The backup should retain the last 30 backups. The backups should produce a report with as much detail as possible and should email them after the backup routine runs. The email subject should include whether the backups were successful or if they failed. The emails should be sent using our SMTP email server. It require TLS authentication and works on ports 25, 465 and 587. Your job will be to develop the solution and then teach me how to install and run it. You will have SSH access to the Debian server and to the Amazon S3 bucket. Please, ask questions and bid. Thanks, Conrad
Category: System Administration       

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| c****dit
|    United States
Fixed Price: $500 - $1,000   |  Posted: 22h, 9m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 1h  |   20 Proposals
Educational choose your won adventure game/app for middle school kids teaching them about cyber literacy.
Category: Voice Talent       
Skills: Voice Talent       

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| p****ios
|    United States
Hourly Rate: Not Sure   |  Duration: Not Sure  |  Posted: 23h, 8m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 0h  |   10 Proposals
We are looking for a native English speaker, who has experience: A) teaching Business English to non native English speakers and; B) creating content to teach ESL students (this does not need to have been for a publishing company, but the experience could have been gained building content for a language institute or even for your own lessons), preferably business English For our first job, we will be producing a Business English series. Experience producing content for or teaching Business English would be a big plus. Ideally you will be highly proficient at using PPT. If not, there is potential for you to create the content in Word and we will convert it to PPT> We will be providing you with a template, and the topic we want covered (Business English, formal emails) and you fill in the template with a lesson. The lesson will need to include warm-up exercises, grammar explanations and exercises such as Gapfills, matching, etc... We will be starting this job ASAP and probably ne...
Category: Technical Writing       

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| k****sia
|    Canada
Fixed Price: $1,000 - $5,000   |  Posted: 23h, 10m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 0h  |   57 Proposals
Would like to develop a Medical Education App for iOS. Very simplistic content based app. With 12 chapters each. Each Chapter to have 4 Sub Chapters. The content will be Text, Images, Audio and Video. There should be a 50 Multiple Choice Examination with Scoring and Certificate at the end of the app. This app to become the template to replicate about 10-20 future apps. So will need the developer to set me up as iOS developer and teach how to replicate the apps in the future. A small fee for each new app setup is acceptable. Expecting to pay about $ 2000 fully delivered for the first app and agreed fee for future app templates. First three chapters and first Subchapter attached for reference but will need Audio and Video file integration.
Category: Mobile Applications       
Skills: Android, iPhone App Development       

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| r****nda
|    United Kingdom
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